CCOC Leadership



Gail Egan

George Gombossy

Lynn Jones

Judy Doneiko, CPA


Atty. George Coppolo

Legislative Chair

Atty. Pat Ayers

Communication Chair


12 Responses to CCOC Leadership

  1. Darrell Lupo says:

    I don’t have comment to your recent post, But I do have a Question. I am looking for some legal adviced on a Matter at our Condo Complex ( Winding Hollow ) Groton, Ct

    Any Help or Direction would be appreciated.

    Regards, Darrell Lupo

  2. Michael Rowen says:

    Our management company rents space in a commercial building on our property. The renters in the commercial area are being given key cards and pool passes to those renters. They pay nothing towards the maintenance of the common areas. There is nothing in the bylaws that allow nor restrict this. Is this legal?


  3. book a room says:

    Hi, I recently joined this coalition. I own a condo in Waterbury, CT called Cynthia Court. It’s a smaller association with only 16 total units. I recently have experienced a severe plumbing issue. I reached out to my association for help, only to be given the run around. The condo association is the primary insurance carrier. They are also unhelpful, stating they are at the mercy of the association. I got quotes for all the damage and it total more than $5000.00 in damages. I am going on three weeks and the association says it’s under review with the board and association attorney. I do not carry insurance because financially I could not afford it, however I do plan on carrying out after this issue is resolved. Part of my damage is mold and I have recently become sick and my dogs have unexplained rashes that suddenly occurred. What can I do to get help and expedite this process?

  4. Stephen D Peirce aka Scott says:

    Question: as a recent transplant from FL, I am amazed that our Condo Board & Mgt can hold meetings barring Owners unless specially approved to attend to present a case or problem . How can owners be so disenfranchised… granted it improves efficiency but………

  5. Stephen D Peirce aka Scott says:

    But they do…. what CT law can I refer to …?

  6. Larry solkoske says:

    I live in a 20 unit condo complex and some of the owners have deeded the ownership to someone else in their families outside the complex leaving them to have life use . Who is leagelly the one who can vote on condo issues , the life user or the legal owner

  7. E. says:

    A condo owner who lives outside the USA gave me written permission to have access to her condo assoc. account so I can be sure all is running smoothly. The condo manager says it is illegal and she can’t give me any information on that account. Is it illegal?

  8. Manjari Ganti says:


    I’m the president of 185 West St condos in Southington CT. we are a 19 unit complex. One of our past presidents had signed a 5-year auto renewal trash removal contract which was supposed to end in May 2017. It, however, got renewed for another 5-year term because of the auto renewal clause. We weren’t notified. When contacted, we were told that the trash company need not notify us. They are charging like 40% more than the competitor. How can we get out of the contract? Do the CT auto renewal laws apply in our case?

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