The Connecticut Condo Owners Coalition (CCOC), after lobbying for two new bills in 2012 to protect condo owners, has reorganized itself to better support, take action, and represent its membership.

In its goal of providing the best help possible to the Condo and HOA Owners in the state of Connecticut, CCOC has established a fantastic foundation of Executive Committee members who have the knowledge and expertise to provide condo owners help and support.

Gail Egan is President and Chairman. Gail was a board member of her association for more than 20 years serving most of that time as Vice President and  in April 2010 as President until retiring in July 2011. She worked closely with legal counsel for the Association resolving unit owner/management issues and reviewing the recent CIOA legislation. Her expertise is in database analysis and graphic design.

George Gombossy, the name behind CTWatchDog.com, is the Marketing Director and Membership Coordinator. He is editor and publisher of CtCondoNews.com. George is a 43-year veteran journalist who served 14 years as Business Editor at the Hartford Courant, and many years as an investigative reporter.  George once investigated and disclosed all the improprieties of Colonial Realty executives as well as their accountants.  He is also one of our top investigators.

We also have an advisory committee that includes:

Judith Rudikoff, who was so instrumental in facilitating the transition of the CCOC, was recently forced to resign her position as vice-president of the CCOC due to a very demanding work schedule.  She will continue to be a valuable resource of the CCOC.  As a seasoned journalist Judy will continue to facilitate press releases for us with her media contacts.  Her contributions to the CCOC and the condo owners have been invaluable.  Her dedication is to be commended and her presence here will be sorely missed.

Atty.  Jason Leiser of West Harford. He is the secretary of his condo’s board of directors.

Atty. Pat Ayers, an expert on condo and elder care law, of Glastonbury.

Atty. George Coppolo of Hartford who specializes in condo and elder care law.

Judy Doneiko, a CPA, who lives in Cheshire.

Many hot topics rise and fall on the floor of the Connecticut General Assembly.  Drawing from how those proposals have been handled by the CGA, as well as the experiences of other state’s models such as Nevada (who have an ombudsman’s office that is fully staffed, and funded, but unable to keep up the the influx), California, Florida and a seasoned Maryland Homeowners Association, important criteria has been set:

First, CCOC plans to work with everyone who has a stake in making sure that condos are well run and are providing the best environment for unit owners without taxing board members. By ‘everyone,’ included is the Community Associations Institute – Connecticut Chapter, with whom it is opening a dialogue to find areas of common interest.

Attention will be focused on one or two proposals for each legislative term. Each proposal must meet the following tests: it must benefit ALL condo owners, must NOT add an additional burden on boards of associations, and must NOT cost condo owners or taxpayers additional money.

CCOC’s general goal is to help provide transparency and information to condo owners as well as to make sure that the principles and practices of democracy are maintained in all condo associations.

Because the proposal to establish an office of ombudsman does not meet all these criteria, it has been removed from CCOC’s agenda, we are also fortunate to have some attorneys to provide 30-minute to one-hour email/telephone consultations to members at a reduced fee.  Like-minded attorneys with expertise in Condo laws are asked to contact us.

And anyone interested in helping get the word out, have computer, design, writing, accounting, legal, management, database, and/or photography skills, please let CCOC know by sending an email to gail@ctcondonews.com.

CCOC is a progressive organization, working on behalf of all condo owners in Connecticut.  We hope you’ll join, as a member or more actively, to bring parity to all in relationships with condo boards and management companies.

CCOC has structured its effort to work with all aspects of condo living to create the best possible dialogue with property managers, boards in associations, and legal professionals in order to provide the best possible service to our membership.  Priority response is given to members

We welcome each and every one of you to the new home of the Connecticut Condo Owners Coalition.



12 Responses to ABOUT CCOC

  1. stan dziedzic says:

    should reducing radon equipment installers sign required contracts ?

  2. Francis Kennedy Jr says:

    I would like to know who would like to see CCOC and Ct News be separate entities?
    It’s come to my attention, including other CCOC members that we do not have a voice if we disagree with the Editor of this site.
    As someone who has had differing opinions that all responses are not being posted, they are screened by this editor. I for one feel this venue should be open to all who are members of CCOC.
    What do the rest of you think? Or will the Editor simply delete this?

    • Julie Rader says:

      I don’t think it is necessary to separate the two entities but the comments on both sides should be treated equally. I also know that editors must edit inappropriate language and threats but that should be the only case where oposition is not heard.

      • Francis Kennedy Jr says:

        Unfortunately, the present site as it is now is not giving everyone who is a CCOC member access and or a voice. That’s the problem
        In my opinion that is a huge issue.
        Everyone, regardless of the editor’s personal issues, has a right to voice his or her opinion on any given subject. In addition, he
        is blocking comments (reply’s) and or deciding who we should hear from. That is wrong.

  3. Anonymous says:

    A friend of mine has been blocked and has evidence of emails to where the editor is blocking the email address. Hope mine doesn’t get blocked. I just printed this out. We will see.

    • anonymous says:

      I know of several people who’s comments have been deleted. Not due to language or anything of that sort.
      I printed this also.

  4. Larry Giesman says:

    Our Board has not revised our condo docs to comply with the 2009 and 2010 revisions to the state statutes. They keep telling us that they are getting quotes from attorneys to do the revision. I believe there are conflicts between our documents and state statutes.

    Is there a time limit for revising our condo docs?
    Is revision mandatory?
    How is a conflict resolved?


    How many Condos there needs to be, to be considered as a Association?

    What if Association Severed ALL services on Units what happens?

    What if Association forfeited / Closed and 20 years later a Manage Company takes over?

    Thank you


  6. James Tupko says:

    The complete board of Aspetuck Village in New Milford
    was removed by the owners on January 7, 2014. A complete new board was voted in. The current property
    manager resigned as of Jan, 31, 2014

  7. robn says:

    My condo association took snow of the roofs but now it is blocking the walkways making it dangerous to walk. There is no path and ice and snow cover them completely. I have complained to the property manager who just days they are coming but no one shows. 9 days like this. What do I do?

  8. Kevin Murphy says:

    I was referred to Gail Egan by Atty. Justin Kronholm of the Attorney General’s office. If possible, I would like to ask her a few questions about insurance companies (or agencies) in Connecticut that have a good reputation with condominium associations.


    Kevin Murphy
    Rocky Hill, CT 06067

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