CCOC Selects New President

We are pleased to announce, effective May 1, 2015, Judy Doneiko will assume the position of CCOC President. Judy embodies the basic principles of CCOC and her appointment provides the CCOC team an opportunity to reflect on the many accomplishments achieved over the past 3 years and of sustaining the vision set forth by CCOC.

Judy has served on our Advisory Board and brings a vast array of experience to our organization. Judy is a CPA, serves on the Connecticut Interlocal Risk Management Association’s Investment Committee, is former Financial Director of a two CT municipalities and a past president of the Connecticut Government Finance Officers Association where she served 4 years as chairman as its Legislative Committee.
Judy also served 2 years on the Executive Board of her Common Interest Community which is also a special tax district.

Although stepping down from our major rolls, George Gombossy and I will continue to serve on the CCOC Executive Board and work with the professional and talented members of our Advisory Board. Attorney George Coppolo will serve as Chair of our Legislative Committee, Attorney Patricia Ayars, Chair of Communications. Both George and Pat will serve with Attorney Jason Leiser (Jason has not moved and is no longer on the Advisory Board), and Judith Rudikoff, a member of CCOC since its inception, on the Advisory Board.

Judy will also serve as Chair of the Investigation Committee. I will be assisting Judy during this transition.

CCOC is an information portal for unit owners statewide to learning more about Connecticut condominium law, their rights and responsibilities.

As a group, we all interact in reviewing future changes in current legislation, assessing proposed legislation, and guiding unit owners with issues in their common interest communities.

CCOC’s main thrust is responding to complaints/queries from the many condo owners in CT. This requires much time, and although we attempt to support and educate unit owners; we do not and cannot provide legal advice. Our legal team has no direct contact with unit owners and/or CCOC membership.

We have many success stories but the victories are attributed to those unit owners who are committed to protecting their investment and after CCOC’s guidance pursuing whatever legal action is necessary to bring about a positive resolution.

CCOC is a respected and recognized advocate of Connecticut condo owners. We have an excellent working relationship with CAI-CT [Community Association Institute, Connecticut Chapter] working with Kim McClain, Administrative Director and Atty Scott Sandler, CAI Legislative Action Committee Chair.

Our combined efforts have produced legislation protecting the rights of Associations and unit Owners. We have developed a rapport and mutual respect with our legislators, the Attorney General’s Office, and the Department of Consumer Protection. Unit Owners contacting the Attorney General’s office are referred to CCOC. As a volunteer group, CCOC cannot, and does not, provide legal advice, but attempts to guide and educate unit owners of the legislation affecting their rights and responsibilities.

As stated in an earlier email, CCOC is seeking individuals who have a commitment to protecting, enhancing, and advancing the rights of unit owners; would like to serve on our Advisory Board, have served on their Association Board; and have the interest, time, commitment, and expertise that will bring added benefits to this organization.

Those interested may contact George Gombossy at We ask that you provide your past or present role in your association board, your professional experience, and what you feel you would bring to CCOC.

Our disclaimer is specific that we do not provide legal advice and it is their/unit owners responsibility to contact legal counsel of their choosing. No one should place this organization or its boards in a potentially litigious situation.
After reviewing applicants’ experience, those selected will be vetted by board members and will be asked to provide references.


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  1. Angel morales says:

    Congratulations Judy on your position as president of the ccoc we need your help in trying to get these (board members) at 80 Claudia dr. condo association to get audit for …and not fixing anything around here,

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