West Hartford Condo Board Seeks Permission For Compensation

In a victory for transparency, the board of directors of the Hampshire House condo complex in West Hartford has sent ballots to unit owners seeking permission for a small compensation.Hampshire House WH

As an owner of one of the units (which I rent out) I received a ballot this week asking if I would approve each board member to receive three hours a year in free maintenance from the staff.

For years many board members had received free labor. But the practice was questioned last year by some board members who thought it violated the bylaws.

The bylaws do permit compensation, but requires that it be approved by unit owners.

According to a letter sent this week by G&W Management – the association’s management company – it could not find any document proving that unit owners had approved such compensation.

I applaud the board for taking the issue to the unit owners and for specifying exactly what the compensation would be. Not all condo boards would be so transparent.

And I personally think that three hours of free maintenance is a small compensation for all the hard work Hampshire House board members perform. So I am voting yes.

What is your view? Does your board receive compensation?




7 Responses to West Hartford Condo Board Seeks Permission For Compensation

  1. Concerned Condo Owner says:

    Our bylaws state that a board member is not to receive compensation. I feel it is a bad precedent to compensate “volunteers.” Just imagine if all volunteers who work hard for non-profit organizations they volunteer for were compensated for their time and energy. Board members should not be treated differently than ordinary unit owners. I feel they should be role models and encourage unit owners to volunteer on committees, etc. My association does not have open committees and has a corrupt board. Glad to hear your association had a vote of owners at least. I would vote no. Disappointed to hear George Gombossy voting yes. Would like to see CCOC openly promote and engage more unit owner volunteers and communicate results of owner legislative suggestions and results of meetings with CAI and legislators rather than promote stories from “legal advisors” who stand to gain from free publicity.

  2. Diz says:

    Our bylaws state no compensation.

    Nothing is for free.The cost is being payed by all the owners. Seems to me G&W was not doing there job. Don’t they pay the bills? Why did it take them “years” to discover no document proving that unit owners had not approved such compensation.

    Granted, three hrs of free maintenance from the staff doesn’t sound like a lot but it adds up. What kind of maintenance does the board need that is not addressed in the bylaws maintenance standards which should be a common expense?

    I tip my hat to this board.Just another example of how important understanding your Docs are. Be carefull what you wish for.Depending just how much is going to be free might mean a common fee increase.

  3. william ballot says:

    This opens up another abuse of power that board members already weild. If you want to be paid for services to protect other peoples common interest- then there should be a 90% approval by non proxy vote. Boardsin many communities are appointed or run unopposed. Some board rule through intimdation- so paying them to throw their weight around is utterly ludicrous!
    You want to be paid for a volunteer job- go out and get a job.

  4. william ballot says:

    By the way- I don’t know about your community but my board already get free manitenance and favortism. A majority of the members have been on the board for over 10 years running unopposed and blocking any owner who so chooses to express their opinions-

  5. pookie says:

    G & W thats the major mistake. The worst Mgmt company in CT! Contracts that boards dont approve!

  6. Kathryn Houston says:


    From a buyer’s perspective, I would like to know if there is a statute of limitations on disclosure documents? Note I purchased my condo in June of 2013. If limited, am I within the time frame for which I can request remediation from the seller. Further, what evidence do I need to prove that an individual item was not disclosed?

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