Ask Attys Pat And George: Can A Husband and Wife Both Serve On A Ct Condo Board Of Directors?

A Connecticut couple wants to know if there is anything in the state statutes that would prevent both of them from running for board of directors at their condo complex.

Glastonbury Attorney Patricia Ayers and Hartford Attorney George Coppolo agreed: state statutes do not prevent the two from being on the same board, unless the association’s rules and regulations or declaration specifically prohibit it.

And, noted Atty. Ayers, while the couple gets only one vote as condo owners, they each receive a full vote as board members on all board actions.


14 Responses to Ask Attys Pat And George: Can A Husband and Wife Both Serve On A Ct Condo Board Of Directors?

  1. Paul of Plainville says:

    What if Condo Declaration prior to 1984 gives less authority than the CIOA that was changes in 2009. Does the 2009 CIOA supersede the original condo declaration?

  2. Linda Palermo says:

    I preseve this as a conflict of interest and new legislation needs to be enacted so that two members of one family be prohibited from being on the Board at the same time.

  3. Veritas says:

    If it were my association I would try to block two persons from one unit being on the board. Why should one unit have two votes and the others one? Also if there is a 7 member board and this is allowed, it may open the floodgates, i.e. other couples will join. Once the door is open, it will become impossible to close. It weights decisions the board may make, and the appearance of this imbalance sends a negative message to the rest of the unit owners. Boards should encourage the participation of all residents not “just a few” owners.

  4. Tom Ebersold says:

    When I was president of my condo board, I passed a by-law update to prohibit more than one person from a unit serving on the board at the same time. This is just common sense.

  5. Patty Mills says:

    On the surface it does not seem appropriate to have both a husband and wife serve on the board because they represent one vote per unit owned. However, if a community had a husband and wife team who worked to perserve the interests of the unit owners at large and demonstrated leadership qualities it could be value added. I would rather see a husband/wife team on our Board than incompetents who don’t even know the rules themselves or like to bully unit owners.

    • andrea cruz says:

      a husband and wife can also bully units owners i have seen how board member chance their personality after they became a board officer they decide on their own salary and keep financial report and decision confidential from the rest of the board member totally abuse of power i have been living in my condo for 20 years and they collect common fees but never fix common area they run down the complex as soon they get to office they do what they want violating all kind of bylaw provision they figure units owners and board member don’t know the law and they like it that way they don’t want somebody smart to tell them what to do

  6. KevinPenthouse says:

    What if they were NOT co-owners. ex: The wife owned the condo … but the husband did not . . . .

  7. Harry Sargeant says:

    Our by-laws stipulate that in order to serve on the
    BOD, one has to be an owner to be eligable. If only
    one of the married owners is owner in fee simple, can
    the non-owner serve on the BOD?

    • Gson says:

      At the Raintree Condo Asso. Board in Rocky Hill, the president and her husband own two condo’s and they both sit on the board; unit owners objected to this at the annual meeting nothing could be done about it because it is one vote per unit owner (2 units 2 votes)with three close friends (treas., vp and another) on the board this gives them the majority of a 9 member board. Needless to saying nothing good is accomplished.

  8. jane minion says:

    is there a statute of limitations on how many years or terms a president can be elected?

    how many years can others serve on a condo board

    what rules apply when
    the board that promises and then does not keep
    them resulting in neglect affecting an owners ability to sell without taking a loss as to fair market value?

    • There are no laws on how long officers and board members can serve. Nor are there any laws that make board members keep their promises. You as a unit owner have the power to replace the board.

  9. Gson says:

    Can a condo board retroactively implement an assessment. During the cal. year 2012 our asso. had a surplus (profit) state statute 47-256 and 47-76 excess rev./profit should be returned to unit owners — my asso. held off returning the excess funds 18 months later and after my threat of a suit they credited the funds (6/2014) then made an assessment for the same amount of the credit; I am now making a threat of another suit. Any suggestions?

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