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Ask George: Can Note-Taking At Meeting Be Prohibited?

Hi George Can you answer the question if it is permissible for unit owners who attend Board meetings to take notes on a computer/or in writing. I have never heard of a condo association that attempted to prevent note-taking, but have heard of associations that prohibited video taping of meetings. George

CCOC Leadership

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Six Condo Complaint Investigators Added To CCOC To Level The Playing Field for Ct Condo Owners

In what is believed to be the first of its kind endeavor in the country, the Connecticut Condo Owners Coalition today formally launched its 9-member Investigations Committee to help condo owners who are treated unfairly or illegally by their board of directors or management companies. Six investigators were added to CCOC Executive Committee members Gail

Your Condo, Why Should You Have To Pay An Arm and A Leg For YOUR Financial Documents?

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The Condo Triangle – Who Has Control – When It Comes To Financial Documents? Unit Owners – Board of Directors – Management Company Simply stated, three entities that should have one goal: to enhance the common interest community and protect the investment of unit owners. What we hear from unit owners: I wanted copies of

Ct Condo Legislation To Bring Democracy To Heritage Village Vetoed By Malloy


Gov. Dannel P. Malloy Friday vetoed House Bill 5511 that would have given more power to unit owners at the Heritage Village complex over their annual budget because he said the legislation would have taken away power from condo owners to block association boards from borrowing money. Malloy said “this bill diminishes the control of

Malloy Signs Condo Bill To Certify Property Managers, Preventing Associations From Blocking Religious Symbols On Doors

Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy  has signed a bill that requires condo property managers to be certified, and blocks associations from prohibiting owners from placing religious symbols on their doors. The bill, 5536 requires condo associations to allow small religious signs on individual owners’ doors. That issue is important because one condo association fined a

CCOC Reorganized To Improve Service To Ct Condo Owners

(Clockwise) Harte, Gombossy, Rudikoff, Martinik, Egan

The Connecticut Condo Owners Coalition (CCOC), after successfully lobbying for two new bills to protect condo owners, has reorganized itself to better support, take action, and represent its membership. In its goal of providing the best possible support to the Condo and HOA Owners in the state of Connecticut, CCOC has established a fantastic foundation

Connecticut Condo Owners Need Legal Protection From Some Abusive Boards

A recent survey by the Connecticut Condo Owners Coalition (CCOC) has provided documentation of a long ignored, pervasive and continuing problem in the relationship that begins when an individual buys a condo or time share, and is then subject to governance by the condo’s board and management. Few prospective owners walk into this relationship fully

Margolis Condo Management Fined For Padding Condo Association Bills

On November 9, 2011, following a two year investigation by the State of CT  Department of Consumer Protection (Docket No. 11-818, Case No. 2009-5477), Commissioner  William M. Rubenstein, imposed a penalty of $8,000 on Stephen Margolis, A/K/A Margolis Management & Realty of Hamden, CT, for failing to properly notify and disclose to The Meadow’s Association

Seniors At Risk In Some Condo Associations

The grassroots Connecticut Condo Owners Coalition (CCOC), founded in 2010, counts among its members many residents in 55-and-over condos and elderly well over 80 years old. For these members the unresolved problems they have with their condos amount to “elder abuse,” in the words of CCOC member and Stratford resident, Angela Deleon. She points out