Connecticut Condo Owners’ Friend At Consumer Protection Retires

We write this article with mixed feelings. CCOC wishes to extend heartfelt congratulations to Richard Maloney, Director of Trade Practices.  Richard retired from the CT Department of Consumer Protection effective October 1st. Although condominium law is but a small part of the overwhelming tasks before the Department of Consumer Protection;  the support and direction he

CCOC Recognized By Connecticut Senator

  On May 31, State Senator Len Suzio recognized the Connecticut Condo Owners Coalition at the State Capital Senate Chamber. Senator Suzio acknowledged to the Senators and guests in attendance the efforts of CCOC to inform, educate, and advocate for the rights of condominium owners statewide. Attending on behalf of CCOC was Gail Egan, CCOC’s


It has been illegal for a condominium board to discriminate against a unit owner on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, familial status, and disability.  What if a resident complains that other residents or even board members are the resident because of membership in one of these groups?  In the past, a

CCOC Q&A – Meeting Notices

UNIT OWNER QUERY Our Board of Directors meets regularly every 2nd Tuesday of the month. Yet it seems there are an excessive number of email votes that are non-emergency situations.  Unit owners are told this can be done, it is authorized, and the “vote” can be recorded in the minutes of the following months Board

Feds Proposing To Allow More FHA Loans To Complexes That Aren’t FHA Certified

FHA loans and FHA approvals is a very big topic among Associations and unit owners, so I made some assumptions as to familiarity of unit owners.  I deal with the issue fairly regularly with unit owners and associations. It is pretty well-accepted  that Condo Approval by FHA Helps Residents Sell Their Units  because more first

Condominium Owners Whose Homes Have Foreclosure Action Maybe Helped By Supreme Court Ruling

Many condominium associations have found that their foreclosures are defective because the association failed to adopt a foreclosure rule, if no rule, failed to vote that a foreclosure be started against the unit. The Connecticut Supreme Court has ruled that these defective foreclosures are void because state laws make voting to foreclose or enacting a

CCOC Mourns Passing Of Rep. Mary Fritz

CCOC was very saddened about the recent death of representative Mary Fritz who represented the towns of Cheshire  and Wallingford in the 90th House District. Representative Fritz served in  the Connecticut General Assembly for 32 years. Representative Fritz was very supportive of CCOC and condominium unit owners and we considered her to be a friend.

Ask Atty Pat: The Legitimacy Of Adopted Amended Or Repealed Rules

A source of conflict between boards and unit owners is the enforcement of rules. The power of the Association of the enact and enforce rules in not unlimited. To be enforceable, the rules must be legally adopted and within the Association’s power. A necessary power of the Condominium Association is the adoption and enforcement of

Plainville Property Manager Arrested On Larceny Charges

The owner of the now defunct D&H Management firm in Plainville has been arrested on larceny charges following an investigation into complaints from more than 20 condo associations in Plainville and Bristol of missing funds, according to Plainville Police Lt. Nicholas Mullins “On March 15, 2015, the Plainville Police Department began receiving complaints from several

What To Do When Boards and Property Managers Abuse A Law Allowing Decisions By Consent Without A Meeting

It is CCOC’s hope that this article will answer questions you may have regarding the ability of a board of directors to vote without conducting a board meeting . Effective October 1, 2015, Section 47-250 (b)(9) of the Common Interest Ownership Act was amended to allow executive boards to act by not less than two-thirds