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The following information is provided by the Connecticut Judicial Department which cautions that this should be your STARTING place for research.

  • Public Act No. 11-195 – An Act Concerning Elections of the Executive Boards of Directors of Condominium Unit Owners’ Associations and Changes to the Common Interest Ownership Act.

Connecticut General Statutes

Selected Statutes:

Chapter 828 – Common Interest Ownership Act

Part I – General Provisions and Applicability

Part II – Creation, Alteration and Termination of Common Interest Communities

Part III – Management of Common Interest Communities

Part IV – Protection of Purchasers

Part V – Common Interest Communities Containing Conversion Buildings

Chapter 825 – Condominium Act

Chapter 825 – Unit Ownership Act (Revised to 1975) (PDF)
Note: The Unit Ownership Act is not published in the current statutes, but it governs condominiums created before 1977.

Roberts Rules of Order – Newly Revised.  FAQ’s

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  1. I want to join with the group. I have inquired of CCOC. Our condo has rules that are not followed. We have a Rules and Regulations book. We have two women that are the management and approximately 8 members on the board. I can see them on any given evening standing outside holding meetings privately. They are not for us the property owners. They allow tenants to NOT follow rules.

    So needed – A SUPPORT GROUP. Thanks,

  2. Sharon says:

    I live in a very small condo complex. We are having problems having condo statements on a regular basis (once or twice a year) as required by the by laws. The President of the Condo association is rarely around and the bookeeper impossible to deal with. Condo meetings are rarely held instead of the two required by the bylaws, we have one every three or four years. What can the rest of the condo owners do to force the association to adhere to rules of the by laws. Any advice whould be appreciated. Thanks

  3. Kristin says:

    I live in a condo in CT and I can hear everything my upstairs neighbor does, I thought there were laws determining what the noise level should be and I thought there had to be a certain percent of their floor covered. I’m seriously going crazy and I think the builder didnt do this correctly as I can also hear my neighbor next door as our walls are paper thin. Is there anything I can do?

  4. Anthony says:

    Insurance question: Can an owner dispute the association’s insurance company’s amount of settlement for a claim of loss due to water damage inside the unit? The association’s insurance company and the owner’s insurance company’s estimates are quite close. The owner is alluding to their wanting a contractor whose estimate is almost double those of the two insurance companies. Can the owner get his way, or are they obligated to accept the amount specified by either of the two insurance companies?

    Thank you.

  5. Mary says:

    I live in a condo property in Wallingford. Our Board of Directors decided that they are going to put on new siding on our units. There was no vote. They said we had no say in the matter. They picked the contractor, without any input from homeowners. We did not see any bids from contractors, vote on if we wanted to get new siding at this time either. They also picked the finance company on their own and told us we are going to use these people without us even knowing anything about them. they also claim that you cannot sell your unit unless you pay them upfront….what amount they want you to pay who knows….this is a 800,000 – to one million dollar project. I have been told that this is not legal and that the Board of Directors do not authority to make such a huge decision without our vote. Is this true. What direction can the People of our complex take against this board. Also, they put members on the board that they choose without election votes from other homeowners. And they claim that they do not have to follow the ByLaws of our complex and that they can do anything they want. Is this true. This board of dirctors has done so many illegal transactions and have bullied people right out and have made people so upset that they leave. they tell people that we cannot turn lights on, have company, call us names dictate everything…..because they think they can. I know by reading the laws of the State of Ct that they cannot. Can you please confirm this and tell me what direction and help you may have to offer.

  6. Gary Allen says:

    I am on the board of a condo complex in Bristol. We have a resident that has M.S. owners are required to move their car so their space can be plowed out. He has difficulty moving his car and has asked for help. Other members of the board have referred to it as Valet parking. Can the condo board fine him for not moving his car if he physically cannot. I am waiting for an answer from Protection and Advocacy.

  7. Cecelia says:


    Can a board of directors vote or agree to waive their own common fees in lieu of holding a board of directors position.

    Additionally can a board of directors vote or agree to waive an assessment on limited common work preformed at their unit while the rest of the unit owners pay the assessment.

    Where can I find more information on these subjects.

  8. Harry Sargeant says:

    How do I obtain a copy of the 2010 Condo statues revised.

  9. Susan says:

    Can the board use reserve funds for cosmetics such as shutters without a vote from unit owners

  10. Llew says:

    The association my condo is under was created before December 31, 1973. Do these rules apply to my Association/Management?

  11. Debbie says:

    My condo association is run by a board of directors consisting of volunteer unit owners who are voted onto the board. The board members do not receive any compensation or reduced condo fees for being on the board. The condo association board of directors was established back in the early 1970’s. Do the current and/or future board members need to take the newly required property manager classes and competency tests?
    Thank you!

  12. Jean says:

    Can Rules and Regulations apply to some areas of the complex, but not to others? Ex: Can lights be installed on back decks that apply to the woods, but not on decks overlooking other condos?

  13. Peg says:

    Are 2nd floor balconies, that are accessible only by the unit owner considered common area? Some units have balconies and some don’t and we need to have work done on the balconies and the unit owners that don’t have a balcony feel they should not be assessed for this work being done.

  14. Ellie says:

    One of the condo owners in our complex is also employed by our condo’s management company. He used to be the president of our association and after much persistence on our part the management company finally said this is a conflict of interest (no kidding). Now he is on the condo board of directors. Wouldn’t the same logic apply – conflict of interest? Is there a law that you can point us to so we can show this is not legal? The management company is also making our condo pay the lawyer fees to figure out the original conflict of interest. This seems like it’s an employee issue that they should cover, not an issue caused by our association? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

  15. Helena Short says:

    The board of directors at my apartment is fining me for an unauthorized change of A/C sleeve in my unit. They are dating the letter of fine for August 8th but telling me in the letter the fines start August 1st and on for $25.00 a day. Is this legal? How am I to know that I will be fined if they aren’t writing the letter until a week after they start imposing the fines.

    • They need to give you a hearing where you can defend yourself before they can fine you, unless there is a history with you and the board on this issue.

      • Helena Short says:

        I received a notice on July 12th dated for July 10th that my A/C sleeve was no longer compliant and I would be fined from the date of installation July 4th until it was fixed. I attended the hearing on the 17th, told them I was unaware it was not compliant and that the company I hired to install it would be rehired to come out and replace the original one. I have an appointment with that company for August 18th to come out and install the old one. I received a second letter on Saturday the 9th stating that they have started to re-fine me from August 1st on for the A/C unit not being compliant still. My issue is how can I know they are going to start fining me from the first if they don’t write the letter until the 8th? I don’t feel like this is a legal practice and I’d like to be prepared with some general information when I attend the 2nd board meeting this Thursday.

  16. bradley says:

    Can an association carry insurance for water damage (frozen pipes) with a $25,000 deductible that the individual owner must pay?

  17. sam says:

    I would like know ,is there a law requiring property manager or booker keeper to notify owner of late payments,because the property manager, that manage the property, charges owner late fees without notice and some owner are not late ! What would be our recourse . Thanks

  18. Maria says:

    Dealing with the same problem as Kristin above. I can hear the people upstairs stomping around all hours of the night. I have spoken to them, their landlord, the property manager, people on the board – and nothing has happened. They also have a cat in our “NO PETS” complex. They claim they did not know they weren’t supposed to have a pet (and this cat SCURRIES LOUDLY across the unit all night, which we can also hear.) I guess they missed the large sign in the front of the complex which says “NO PET COMMUNITY.” (They rent, we own). Now they are mad because we complained to the board and they were asked to get rid of their cat (which they haven’t yet.) and now they are making noise on purpose. Nothing has been done. I have literally been complaining (verbally and in writing) for years. I understand there will be transfer between units but it just comes down to being considerate of the fact that people live underneath you and you should probably be mindful late at night when they are probably sleeping or trying to sleep. Anyway, nothing has happened and I’m wondering what else I can possibly do.

    • Regina Gunter says:

      I am in the same boat as you with the noise factor. This is not my first time either. I am currently researching vibration/noise sensors. Town hall will give you the decibel level of the city. I do not trust my condo asso, and the police, because of my previous problem. I have written in this forum to find out if anyone has any helpful tips. But, I believe the research of sensors that prove they are over the decibel level, day/night, might actually work. good luck, regina

  19. Kate Schere says:

    Thank you for creating a very helpful site. I hope you can advise me or direct me to the right direction/organization. I live in a condo in West Hartford. The place is badly neglected. There is a roof problem that has been going on for over 2 years. Last December, I had a leak in my unit. However, still there is nothing done about replacing the roof. The condo president is unattainable. I have been leaving numerous emails/messages. However, no response. In the meantime, my unit continues to get more damage. Please let me know where I can turn so that the issue of the roof is fixed. whom can I contact about Living Negligence like that?

  20. Pen says:

    Our condo associated was created on 12/1/83. It is a tiny association with 4 units. We all get along well, but now we’ve reached a stumbling block. One of the tenants is having a roof problem that needs to be addressed, but we have found in the one of the old minutes that roof is not covered by the association and apparently one of the longer residents here paid for her own roof repair several years ago. We cannot find ANYTHING in writing that states what are considered common elements (we replaced the association fence last year, we all pay in for lawn, snow, trash, etc. and I’ve found documentation of the assoc. paying for exterior painting and driveway sealing and tree work, but nothing about roofing. Is there a law which dictates what is a common element? Thank you.

  21. Pen says:

    I am desperately trying to find a definition of what is a Common Element according the Condominium Act of 1976 (which is what we are beholden to). Are roofs considered a Common Element? Or are unit owners responsible for the roof of their unit? If you are unable to help me, could you at least direct me to someone who might be able to? Thank you!

    • gail/CCOC says:

      you need to read your declaration regarding what this document cites as common elements and/or limited common elements.

      you may also want to review CIOA Chapter 828 [Common Interest Ownership Act] passed 10/2009 effective 7/2010

  22. Liz says:

    I am looking for information regarding repairs for mold issues from snow & ice damage. Sometimes our association uses an insurance adjuster and tears out the mold before the repair. Other times they don’t even check fir mold. They make repairs covering up the damage and without insurance involvement.
    Are there laws governing health concerns regarding mold?
    Thank you for this forum.

  23. Russ Arpin says:

    I have been declared the administrator of my late sister’s condo. Upon her death, there was a need to have her condo cleaned and disinfected. Her insurance company believes there is some responsibility for the condo association’s insurance company to be responsible for some of the cost, according to the wording in the by-laws. The condo management company will said the request for the condo insurance company name or representative will not get past them or the condo Board. They’re obstructing the progress to get payment to the company that cleaned/disinfected my sister’s condo. What agency can I speak with to get the condo association’s management company to cooperate? It’s preventing me from selling the condo.

  24. kkcondo says:

    I live in a very small condo unit 24 units-our BOD decided they needed a trip to Mexico for a conference and charged expenses is this legal? our president acts like a Dictator of a small island and rules with a pit bull at her side as she patrols the grounds. I feel like I live in a confinement camp rather than a home I pay a mortgage, hoa fees. She pays herself a consultants fee for her service to us our President. How can we stop this abuse or turn her over to the IRS? You can laugh but this is true. She uses the BOD to impose fines on owners, Help we need to expose Presidents like her who abuse their power. If I try to sue she hides behind the condo’s lawyers

  25. Susan Buchsbaum says:

    I own a one-bedroom unit in a condominium complex located in Stamford that consists of 79 units total, ranging in size from one-bedroom units to three-bedroom townhouse units.
    Overall, less than 15% of all unit owners attend the annual board meetings. This state of apathy results in a “revolving door” situation concerning the members of the condo’s board. Many board members run for re-election unopposed, thus resulting in a situation where the same people have been on the board for ten or fifteen years (I have owned, and lived in my unit for fifteen years).
    The board’s President moved out of her unit approximately two years ago, and it is now occupied by renters. She has been President now for almost ten years. Further, all of the board members seem to have a “cozy” relationship with the owner of the condo association’s management company. This “symbiotic” relationship leads to a situation in which it is next to impossible to get the board to consider the opinions of non-board members. Further, the management company hires contractors who are consistently close to being incompetent. It seems like the highest priority to the board is to raise common charges as little as possible, in fact, common charges have only been raised once during my fifteen year tenure as an owner/resident. This, I believe contributes to the lack of quality of in the contractors hired by the management company. One question I have is this: In our by-laws, it is stated that board members must be unit owners, however is it legal for our president to also be a non-resident (even though she still owns her unit and rents it out)? Also, at the annual meetings, the board members are loathe to consider complaints by non-board members in attendance. I attend the annual meeting each year, however if an owner raises a legitimate complaint, the President frequently rolls her eyes at the complainant, I’ve witnessed other board members laugh at comments by other owners at these meetings, and overall, if there is an air of dissent, the board wants to hear nothing of it.
    Over the years, the owner of the management company has treated me rudely and unprofessionally many times, and has dragged his feet on making necessary repairs. When a pipe burst two years ago in a neighboring unit and led to extensive damage in my unit, it was a complete nightmare dealing with this guy. I was forced to hire an attorney to deal with him, he was that unreasonable, and my attorney communicated to me that he had never dealt with anyone as incompetent and unreasonable in his entire career.
    If I was in a different financial situation, I would have sold my unit a long time ago, however due to my individual circumstances, selling my unit is not an option. If I am ever in a situation where I am able to leave, I would not consider living in a condominium ever again.
    I realize that I have raised quite a few issues in this post, however any suggestions/insight/wisdom would be most appreciated. Thank you!

    • Susan, unfortunately i don’t have any suggestions for you other than to try to organize other like minded unit owners. George

      • Susan Buchsbaum says:

        Thank you for your input, George. Unfortunately, as I stated in my previous post, there is a great deal of apathy in this complex.

        A number of years ago, I sent my name to the management company, as an owner interest in running for a spot on the Board of Directors, however, the management company never placed my name on the ballot.

  26. Ray says:

    I live in hillside village Cheshire CT and am having a devil of a time getting ahold of the byelaws. Are they logged with the town somewhere


  27. Sharon Stokes SMITH says:

    First timer here. I have a question.Printing of a report named State of Connecticut: Frequently Asked Questions. Presented and Submitted by Matthew Peristein, Peristein, Sandler & McCracken, LLC. Dated January 1, 2011. Many Unit Owners rights written about, have never been afforded or mentioned at this Co-op. Paper jam halted the printout. Can’t find Doc. Please guide me to the proper place, to start again, if I am in the wrong pew.
    Thanks in advance.

  28. Beatrice DeShano says:

    Our condominium association was created under the Condominium Act Chapter 825 back in 1980. Are we now governed by The Common Interest Ownership Act, Chapter 828 or should we still be following the original statutes as amended?

    Thank you.

  29. Regina Gunter says:

    Help, I have new neighbors that are a noise/vibration bother to me. My floors shake with the kids jumping up and down. I have no peace. What can I do?

  30. Eric says:

    Is it legal for a property manager to be a resident of the condo in which they manage?

  31. Maria says:

    Can a condo board exclude a member from a meeting. Like tell them to leave because they will be discussing issues with this persons condo

  32. R. Hampton says:

    Can a unit owner refuse to pay a roof assessment because only common fees are mentioned in our bylaws and special assessments. I believe the Ct condo laws supersede all other documents.

  33. Jules Ferreira says:

    I would like to know the percentage of votes needed for board members removal? Our building has 64 units, 21 is owned by one person (he’s also a member of the executive board) and the president of the board has a significant amount of proxies and is certainly not voting to benefit our association. The board has recently approved a budget in which our property manager’s salary will be $124,800 for the next year. The association owes Eversource $47,246, WPCA $33,746 along with other bills. They claim we have no money to pay the outstanding bills; however, the board have approved the outrageous management company’s salary. Unfortunately, most people on the board seem to think this is reasonable and since they own the a significant amount of the units our vote does not seem count. PLEASE HELP!

    • it depends on your declaration and bylaws. but this doesn’t make sense, the person with 21 units shouldn’t want to pay one third of the salary. something is wrong with this picture.

  34. Randy Towne says:

    Is a condo association required to repair cracked foundations? Since I have been here we have all taken care of our own and I can not find where the answer to this is.

  35. Steven Delco says:

    Can the president of the BOD appoint board member who agree with her self interested agenda?

  36. James Cummings says:

    I live a a condo building which recently created a Grievance Committee. An issue from the Management Group was recently referred to the Grievance Committee concerning two Units with Satellite Dish’s and one of those Units with excessive clutter on their balcony. My question is – should the Grievance Committee speak with the Unit owners or is it the responsibility of the Management Group to resolve these issues. Also I have been under the assumption that the Federal Gov. passed a law stating it was permissible to have a Satellite Dish on a balcony.

  37. Elizabeth says:

    When a condo board refuses to do proper exterior roof repairs, timely gutter cleaning, foundation drainage repairs & corrections and water damage occurs resulting in mold. Who is responsible? My unit is full of black mold due to YEARS of neglect.

    • Have you in writing reported the issue to your board? If you did what did they say?

      • Elizabeth says:

        Yes. Several times for the intial years by emails. Most recently by certified return receipt letters detailing all the issues. Also, included reports from independent inspections that documents & focuses on the specific problems. There seems to be a trend that our self governed board is pushing owners into a corner where they are forced to hire an attorney to get repairs done.

  38. Elizabeth says:

    The reply-,
    The board now has a contractor that they send out to inspect. No matter what he finds, the board reports back that, “their contractor says they are no needed repairs or issues with your unit.”

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