CT Condo News: West Hartford

West Hartford Condo Board Seeks Permission For Compensation

In a victory for transparency, the board of directors of the Hampshire House condo complex in West Hartford has sent ballots to unit owners seeking permission for a small compensation. As an owner of one of the units (which I rent out) I received a ballot this week asking if I would approve each board

Compensation To Board Members A Touchy Issue At West Hartford’s Hampshire House Condo Complex

Board of directors at West Hartford’s Hampshire House Condo Association have been quietly grappling with the sensitive topic of whether they should get free labor from the association’s maintenance staff in return for being board members. The issue is so sensitive that there has been only two meetings where it was discussed on the record

Few Condo Complexes In Connecticut Are FHA Certified Leaving Many Unable To Purchase Or Take Out Reverse Mortgages

While the Federal Housing Administration has loosened its eligibility rules, not many buyers and sellers in Connecticut will be able to benefit from them. A check of FHA approved complexes shows that in West Hartford there is only one complex that is FHA certified and therefore eligible for low down-payment mortgages. There are dozens of

West Hartford Hampshire House Meeting Notice: A Model Of Transparency

As an owner of a one-bedroom condo in West Hartford Center which I rent out to a wonderful tenant, I can sleep well at night knowing that the Hampshire House Board of Directors is fairly transparent. This is the reminder I received today by email on tonight’s meeting. How does your complex stack up compared