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Small Condo Complexes Can Quickly Become Nightmares

When considering buying a condo in a small complex, keep in mind the fewer the units the more potential there is for nightmares. On the surface, everything may look fine in a complex with fewer than 50 units, but things can turn ugly quickly. I am sure that the handful of people who purchased condos

Condo Pariah Objects To Board Limits On Input From Owners Instituted By Hartford’s Woodland House

“What’s the best kind of meeting?” board members of the Woodland House Condominium Association have asked. One where unit owners say little. What’s the best way to ensure this occurs? Limit public comment. On Tuesday, September 18th Woodland House board members voted to limit to 3 minutes the total time a unit owner is permitted

Woodland House Condo Pariah Takes Another Shot At Her Board of Directors, This Time Over Lobby Furniture

If Only Joan Rivers Were My Condo Board President Many celebrities live in New York City, yet comedienne Joan Rivers may be the only condo board president among them. She joined the board almost twenty-five years ago. “I wanted things done right,” she recently told The New York Times. Nine years ago, Ms. Rivers stepped