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CCOC Recognized By Connecticut Senator

  On May 31, State Senator Len Suzio recognized the Connecticut Condo Owners Coalition at the State Capital Senate Chamber. Senator Suzio acknowledged to the Senators and guests in attendance the efforts of CCOC to inform, educate, and advocate for the rights of condominium owners statewide. Attending on behalf of CCOC was Gail Egan, CCOC’s

CCOC Q&A – Meeting Notices

UNIT OWNER QUERY Our Board of Directors meets regularly every 2nd Tuesday of the month. Yet it seems there are an excessive number of email votes that are non-emergency situations.  Unit owners are told this can be done, it is authorized, and the “vote” can be recorded in the minutes of the following months Board

CCOC Strongly Opposes HB 5588 Which Would Make Associations Liable For Damages Caused By Renters and Guest

House Bill 5588 shifts the financial burden from unit owners who rent their units to tenants who damage association property to all the other unit owners in the condominium complex. Under current law, an Association can charge the unit owner/landlord for damages caused by his or her tenant for damages the tenant causes and can

CCOC Reorganized To Improve Service To Ct Condo Owners

The Connecticut Condo Owners Coalition (CCOC), after successfully lobbying for two new bills to protect condo owners, has reorganized itself to better support, take action, and represent its membership. In its goal of providing the best possible support to the Condo and HOA Owners in the state of Connecticut, CCOC has established a fantastic foundation