As the only state-wide website for condo owners and those who are thinking about buying a condo in Connecticut, we offer a unique opportunity for advertisers who want to reach one of the most unique and growing markets here.
If you are a condo developer, real estate agent, mortgage provider, insurance agent, contractor, condo inspector, re-modeler, you should consider advertising on our site. The future of many new condos is the 55 plus complexes which present opportunities for health professionals to advertise. We are the only state-wide web site that is devoted to condo news and protection of condo owners. In a few weeks this will the site that new buyers and sellers and those who want to refinance will be start their research.
It is our job to provide you with a marketing plan that will provide the most bang for your bucks. You are welcome to have your ad placed on every page, or you can save money by only advertising in the county where you do the majority of your business.
CtCondoNews will be the most trusted site for those seeking information about Ct condo laws and rules, and will pinpoint which condo complexes and property managers provide excellent service, and will point out the ones to investigate thoroughly before making a purchase.
The editor and publisher – George Gombossy – is an award winning investigative journalist who disclosed many of the criminal activities of Colonial Realty executives and whose stories forced the company to go into bankruptcy. Its accounting firm was fined tens of millions of dollars based on George disclosures. He has been a champion of consumers, investors, and condo owners for the past 43 years and was given a life-time achievement award by the National Association Of Consumer Advocates in recognition of his work and high ethical standards.
George’s – which he launched three years ago – gives you a good sense why he is the most trusted consumer journalist in the state.
As an advertiser or a potential advertiser you can be assured that you will have access to all metrics so you know exactly what you are paying for. Advertisers will have the option to have exclusive listings in the towns they consider crucial. Advertisers will not receive any special treatment in news coverage.
We have three basic ad sizes available: 300 by 250; banner ad next to our logo at 728 by 90; and a large banner ad across the bottom of the pages.
And once you decide to advertise with us, we will help you devise a marketing plan that maximizes your hard-earned money. That service is included in the price of the ad.

We don’t use a rate card because we have so many different types of ads and ad campaigns that we can provide – from an ad on a particular story for $50 to $10,000  a year-long advertising blitz that includes both the large banner ads on the top and bottom of all the pages..

A significant portion of our revenues will be donated to the Connecticut Condo Owners Coalition, whose only function is to protect condo owners. That money will be spent to help protect condo owners who have become victims of abusive  boards. CCOC executive committee members are also providing valuable information for our website. As part of our partnership they have editorial control over the left rail of all pages, which the rest are totally under George’s control as editor and publisher.

Please contact if you have questions or wish to advertise.