Plainville Condo Treasurer Accused Of Stealing $77,279 From Association

A Plainville woman has turned herself into police on charges that she stole almost $80,000 from the condo association where she lives and had been its treasurer.

According to a New Britain Herald article written by Justin Muszynski, Amy Lausier is charged with one count of first-degree felony.

“According to the arrest warrant, Lausier made numerous cash withdrawals from two bank accounts linked to the Milford Manor Condo Association on Milford Street between May 2013 and May 2017. Police allege $77,279 was misappropriated during that time period,” according to the Herald.

“Additionally, the six-page warrant said, Lausier allegedly did not pay condo association fees for about 10 years, saving herself roughly $30,000. The association also owes the Town of Plainville back taxes, including penalties, because those bills were not paid.”

The issue was discovered by a board member questioning the association’s finances. Lausier’s husband had served as president of the association, the Herald said.

Justin Muszynski can be reached at 860-973-1809 or at

7 Responses to Plainville Condo Treasurer Accused Of Stealing $77,279 From Association

  1. Alan P. Fishman says:

    Hi all, I’m now living in a HOA in the Asheville N.c. area. Whats new?? Anyone in control of he funds of a condo Association can steal and its pretty hard to detect until is too late. Why? the Ct. condo laws are a joke. Must make laws to prevent the co-mingling of operating funds and reserve funds and require boards report in detail cash in and cash out for each separate entity in an associaion. ie. operating fund, Speciall Assessment fund, Long term reserve funds, clubs that collect seperate fees.

  2. Alan says:

    When I lived in Ct. in a condo for 28yrs the board would fix things such as skylights on some condos but not others. It was a pick and choose. I call it discrimination. I finally sold and left. I also learned the President and others took loans from our bank account to get new windows. Only a few were given such a priviledge. It was not written anywhere on the books. There fore when yearly meeting happened, a false report was filed so no one would wonder where the missing money was. Did they pay it back? With interest? Your bet is as good as mine. There are always a few that do what they want but other things they let deteriorate because they don’t care.

    Donna L. Schatz
    Now living in wonderful Florida and renting. Don’t want to own anything because of this experience.

  3. Lisa C says:

    Thank you for this article. Just in time for our annual meeting. I will print this and bring it with me.

  4. melissa pallini says:

    We are currently having the same issue here at our Condo. We have been operating without a board for over 10 years. The President and Vice President refused the vote we just took at our Budget meeting ( which is a piece of paper with numbers that hasn’t changed in over that many years) of an external audit of the books. They have been cutting checks to themselves for years!!! Now, the Vice President thinks he can put in a Treasurer who hes friendly with. We also voted in a board and they will not acknowledge this. The VP came to my unit and said its all void !!! (In so many words). Both were unable to answer questions involving funds ( plus the President hired his brother to work around Complex and a Total Disability unit Renter !!). We are no longer taking it !! We are calling a Unit Owner meeting, voting them out, and moving forward. But where do we go from there ?

  5. Jacqueline says:

    I own a condo unit in Connecticut and the heat in each room is forced hot air. One room is not getting adequate heat and it’s very cold. I’ve brought it to the Manager’s attention and the Association’s attention but was told that it was not their problem. Are duct issues their responsibility?

  6. Christine says:

    condo association I live at has been mis-handling funds for years. Special projects for some, not all. Fines for some, yet not if your best buds with the board. Harassment and hostile living environment. Feel like I live in another country. One neighbor called it a new tv series my condo from hell. Maybe we can make all our wasted money back on a book or tv show.

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