Connecticut Condo Owners’ Friend At Consumer Protection Retires

We write this article with mixed feelings. CCOC wishes to extend heartfelt congratulations to Richard Maloney, Director of Trade Practices.  Richard retired from the CT Department of Consumer Protection effective October 1st.

Although condominium law is but a small part of the overwhelming tasks before the Department of Consumer Protection;  the support and direction he gave to CCOC has been invaluable. He assisted us when interacting with members of common interest communities. Richard and the staff at DCP were always sensitive to the needs of condo owners.

As the regulatory authority for community association managers, vendors and the many who interact with condominiums; we cannot count the times we contacted DCP seeking direction.   A daunting task to say the least and sometimes not always successful, however, we speak for many when we say we were appreciative of DCP’s efforts and are sad to see Richard Maloney leave.

Richard’s  contributions have been many [DCP’s Condo Q&A to name one].  We wish to thank him for the opportunities he has provided CCOC and our efforts over the past 5 years to read and “attempt” to understand Connecticut legislation.

Again, to Richard, congratulations from our Executive and Advisory Boards and membership! He has been a great asset and friend to CCOC. We will miss him.


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  1. Ballot William P. says:

    Actually, the pre-cursor to the COCC was the help of Mr. Maloney boss then Sen. Jonathan Harris.
    Along with a group of concerned Condo owners in the Greater Hartford area(including myself) worked with Sen. Harris and Rep. Demitri Gianaros of Farmington. We put together an article nitiative to help draft initial condo homeowner laws along with various CT legislature. A few years later you have what is known as COCC.

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