Two Condo Bills Introduced In The Ct General Assembly

Two condo proposals were recently introduced in the General Assembly.

The Connecticut Condo Owners Coalition will be testifying about our position on these proposed legislation at Monday’s hearing. A full copy of our testimony will be posted.

The first proposal would launch a pilot program to mediate disputes between condo owners and their boards of directors.

The second bill would require:

Minutes of condo board meetings to include who voted for and against proposals.

Condo resale packages to clearly state when the last audit was performed on association finances.

It would also increase possible fines for property managers who fail to be licensed







23 Responses to Two Condo Bills Introduced In The Ct General Assembly

  1. Mae Lake says:

    What can be done when BOD refuse to follow new rules-in particular bill inre Gov passed that we are to receive financial statements-same bod that refuses to send any financial statements, minutes, voting info
    or anything? I’ve sent 5 requests just this year and never get any response to anything, not even a ——.
    [I have written to Mr.Gombossy about this but here also-no response. This was a couple of months ago.]
    I’m sending my 6th request to bod this week and a call or email to the Gov’s office. I realize I can also go to people listed in #5 above and will do so.
    Mae Lake

    • Do you have a property manager?

    • Dear mae, I have had the same results. NOTHING. Yesterday I was called by a management person to let me know that the bids on the work that was done in the complex almost a year ago would be sent. I stated to her that these bids needed to be sent to the other unit owners BEFORE the work was done. She stated that it was not necessary. I followed up by stated that the Attorney general stated that there should be 100% disclosure before the work. She hung up. I also stated that this is like my daughter going and buying a house and then presenting me with the bill to pay it. THIS IS WRONG. So I haven’t gotten any answers also. I guess the people who can do something really can’t do anything.

  2. Alan Desmarais says:

    Great proposals!

    Anything that we can do to support these bills?



    • Dear Alan:
      YES,YES I am so happy that you responded to my comments. I am the one and only who is fighting here and its lonely. I need support. I need people responding to the power that the boards and the management have. We have to write the Attorney General and tell them just what’s happening. The state needs to be told that this is not a fairy tale. This is really happening. The people in the attorney generals office have actually told me that they had nothing to do with the writing of the condo doc’s. I laughed and asked “then who did?” Answer was “Don’t know, wasn’t us.” what kind of an answer is that? Anyway, also writing to our management co which is Consolidated Management In orange to support this complex, and in turn I will return the favor of support. These boards and management companies need to know that other complexes are now going to get together to support each other. We have to, help each other. we can not count on attorneys. They way to busy to attend to us and also way to expensive to hire. There is an excellent attorney in New Haven, but he wants $1500.00 retainer fee to start. However, If we can get all together we may be able to take some of these management co. and boards to court. This is not a silver bullet but, until the 5590 bill passes, its our only hope. Let me know what your thoughts are about this comment. I hope this gives you some peace. I try to find some peace myself or hope in the future, as I maybe out on the streets. I can no longer afford this special assessment of $8.000.00. I was told to pay or they would foreclose on me. I haven’t gotten any bids on the work as of yet and the work will be a year old in august. Kinda like buying something without knowing how much the work will cost of the bank that loaned them the money. I received nothing. We all need to help each other the power lies in our hands. Thanks again for reading my reply

    • Dear Alan: Thanks for your support. I looks like we may have a winner! Bill 7031 is on the move again to the next stop to become law. I have found something you and others might be interested in reading. It is the testimony of Kim McClain. Her testimony was before the Judiciary Committee. It is specifically in the interest of the 7031 bill. You can reach her at her email: Also,Terry Sheridan, Daily Business Review has a little news. It is called Legislative Wrap-up mixed Results for Housing. Thanks for your help.

  3. At the present time I sent some documents to
    CONSUMER PROTECTION on the advice of a Senator. I would like to hear about any future House Bill going forward.
    Thank you for everything you are doing to help Condominium owners.

  4. Mae Lake says:

    No, Mr.Gombossy, we do not have a management co. A few of us tried to vote this in when we had reelections but was told there wasn’t enough votes. Of course we were told an amazing amount of residents voted against it, the same amazing amount of residents who voted same dictatorial directors in again, but we could never find out what these votes were. Mae Lake

  5. Veritas says:

    Many feel living in a condo means not individually paying to have your roof fixed, grass mowed, trash removed or sidewalk shoveled and forget about the regulations under which we all live . They sign papers at closing agreeing to abide by the by-laws and rules & regulations and when they are notified of a violation some folks become indignant and draw the battle lines between themselves and the boards of directors portraying the issue as having been “picked on” or “unfair.”
    Each unit in our community has a garage; yet 20% of the residents not only don’t use their garages, but also they choose to park in spaces designated for visitors–creating yet another issue. Enforceable? Not really. Neighborliness and consideration for others is a commendable character trait but unenforceable. Likewise, people have a right to be inconsiderate, lazy, obnoxious and unfriendly regardless of the consequences. An article published last year in Common Interest magazine reported that 82% of the complaints received by the CT attorney general’s office from condo owners were from folks who lacked the understanding of what it meant to live in a condo community. The same people who park in no parking zones and scream “foul” when ticketed; who drive inebriated and argue when police pull them over or ignore the pet rules, have the same personalities as many who move to condominiums when they should reside either in an isolated single family home or in the middle of the woods in a trailer.
    Helpful legislation would be to require condo associations to create a cheat sheet/crib notes of sorts, highlighting restrictions, i.e. vehicles, pets, etc., parking requirements, and anything that may be an issue of contention at that complex and affix it to the front of the by-laws/resale documents. It should be easy to read and in large type. This current legislation setting up a pilot program to mediate between the boards and residents is the same Omnibus board bill proposed last year and it now has a name change. Sounds innocent, is very deceptive and potentially expensive. Remember once bills are passed, they can always be amended over and over–depending on budgetary needs and the political climate at the time. The conveyance tax on the sale of our homes was proposed to be temporary, cost just pennies and last only one year. It became permanent and it doubled the original amount in just two years. Again, why must 98% of the well run associations be forced to participate and eventually pay for 2% of the problems. Sounds like Heritage Village revisited.

  6. Concerned Connecticut Unit Owner says:

    Fellow Connecticut Condo Owners:

    The Judiciary Committee held a public hearing on two condo bills at the Legislative Office Building in Hartford on Monday, March 24, 2014. It is not too late to submit written testimony on these two condo bills. I urge you to email written testimony now to the Judiciary Committee in FAVOR of HB5590, An Act Establishing a Pilot Program for the Mediation of Condominium-related Disputes and SB457, An Act Concerning Revisions to the Common Interest Ownership Act.

    Attach to your email two separate Word documents to, one for HB5590 and one for SB457.

    The top of the page should be formatted like this and be centered on the page:

    Testimony of (Insert Your Name Here)
    In FAVOR of (Insert Bill Number Here: _______ )
    For Judiciary Committee Public Hearing
    March 24, 2014

    Write a message that why you support the bill.
    Then type your full name and address at the bottom.

    Email your written testimony to:

    Legislators need to hear from you. Please email your
    testimony in FAVOR of these bills in today if possible.

    Here is the Connecticut General Assembly’s weblink to

    Here is the Connecticut General Assembly’s weblink to

    Support improvement in Connecticut condo laws to help all unit owners.

    • Yea, I have also replied to this. I am on the phone or writing letters on a daily basis. Today, I will call the Attorney General and let him or her know that the Management company has taken over his or her job by changing the condo docs. Yes, you ask if I am mad? The answer is YES. I keep working for a better answer to all this mess and keep spinning my wheels and getting no where. Its a sad state of affairs when the Management company’s can change the condo docs over night and the state can not pass 2 bills that will help us unit owners. I have lived here in Clinton for 30 years and owned my unit for 25 plus or minus years. I am 68 and now I am in danger of loosing my unit through foreclosure. Hardly seems fair. I live on a fixed income so things are hard. However, the 2 bills that I supported are so help. I hope that people will call the state and their town reps to support these two bills. Thanks to all of you for your comments. Keep them coming. I will do what I can.

      • Just out of curiosity does the legislation stipulate who will pay for the condo fees and special assessments of people who can’t? is it the remaining condo owners or is it taxpayers? Someone has to pay.

        • I think that the remaining and state may pay for the remaining balance left behind. I am now waiting to see what the state does with the 2 bill that have be sent in. I am will be satisfied if 5590 passes and a decision made that is fair for all. The other bill of Blumenthals is some protection for elderly who are unable to pay for special assessments that are over their heads. I suggest that boards and management companies read the condo docs. I just spoke to the attorney general this morning and stated what happened to me yesterday with our management co.and stated that I was right that management and board members have to have 100% disclosure when making $200.000.00 in repairs and replacements to the complex. This has to be disclosed Before the work is done. However the management company and the board do not feel that disclosure is necessary.
          I was told that I would receive the bids soon. The Attorney General stated that after he speaks to the Management Company he would call me back. I have also told him about a fall in the parking lot and I called it in but never received a return call just to ask what happened. Concern on the behalf of the board and management would have gone a long way. As you know Management Companies and boards now rule the state.

          • Frankly Barbara if I were a condo owner in that situation I would not want to pay for someone else’s fees or assessment. Nor as a taxpayer would I want to pick up the tab.

  7. I have already sent in my testimony. I sent it in last year. I now know that the bill is now stuck in juducary. The same place in the short session last year. I also have a bill at the federal level spear headed by senator Blumenthal on foreclosure, and with possible a secondary sponsorship from congressman Courtney. This bill will provide protection from foreclosure also for condo people who are 65 and over living in a condo. It will hopefully protect them from being thrown out on the streets. I hope this will provide some little protection for those who can not pay for increasing fees, and special assessments. As of this date 6.6.2015 I have not heard anything more. However, I do need support here at my own complex. People here are to afraid to speak up, for fear of retaliation by the board and management co. Its a shame. They pick on the elderly who do not have anything. Especially money. I am one of them. I read all the comments and I feel very, very sad. The government doesn’t even want to help

  8. After thinking about this question who pays in the end. I think that both the board and the management company may want to figure that piece out. I know when I was growing up I was responsible for all my decisions and had to work them through. That taught me to think of all things that could or might happen when you make decisions for yourself and others. How do the decisions you make for yourself and others affect others. Obviously they do not think in those terms. The biggest decision I made was moving into a condo, However, when I moved in things were GREAT. Things were disclosed 100% of the time and we always had money in the bank. We saved the money and when e had the money things got fixed. We had cds make sure we always could cover emergencies. The more I think about this the more I say,let the board and management company fix this problem they got us
    into this mess. Maybe they might shoulder the weight.

  9. one other comment on who is responsible for the fees that are left after owners leave or foreclosed on.As my dad would say “you mess your pants, you clean it up, because nobody else is going to clean it up for you.

  10. Just found out the 5590 which is now 7031 died again in juducary . this is like the cat with 9 lives. Battery s running low.

  11. In regards to the 5590 bill which is now 7039. Senator Liniars office called me and said that the 7039 bill had passed committee and it would have passed the Judiciary, however, the state budget over ruled and other more important state bills besides running out of time. I was also told that it passed committee over with 100%. It would have passed judiciary also but time was a factor. I will again submit both bills again when committee is in session again. I will also send in bill 1354 again if this doesn’t go. This bill is a federal bill with Blumenthal as the author.

  12. Two weeks ago I called my attorney and stated to him what has been going on here at the condo complex. We all have now been billed for all the work. I said I was not going to pay one penny if I do not get the loan papers from the bank. My attorney stated that the same thing happened in a complex in Essex? Anyway, the attorney was able to get the papers through the “Right to Know” act. This is a federal law from what I can find out. Well,now the Management company has disobeyed the Federal Law. Still nothing has been done. I think this is awful when a company can not follow the law and get away with it. It’s pretty bad when the state are more concerned with how they’re going to tax us more to pay for the road work. I do realize the roads had to be done, but what about the bills I sent in months ago. Do we have to wait till some unit owners are foreclosed on?. If the state doesn’t want to solve these condo problems, then why get involved from the beginning.

  13. Dear George: In response to you comment of who should pay for assessments etc. I am not asking in the end to pay for others assessments and etc. What I believe is a better solution and even though it could turn out to be long term, is to not spend $200.000.00 all at once because you wind up in a position like we have now. Doing a little improvement at a time is a better choice money wise on all the unit owners. It will take longer but you must think of you population that you are dealing with first. Otherwise people will leave and some will leave without paying for anything. A little thought and care about the people you are living with and managing will go a long, long way both finically and show the people that you really care about them financially and other ways. So some thought before the fact will save a lot of problems. Also, involving them or a few in the decisions of either spending the money all at once or a little at a time.
    At this time I’d like to thank you George and everyone for all your support and help in getting bill 7031 out of Judiciary and back on track to the next stop. Without your comments and help I’m not sure that this bill would have gotten this far. To all supporters Thank You, THANK YOU, you are all so wonderful to share your thoughts and sometimes Laughs and sometime cry’s. Your comments have sometimes made me laugh and there were and still are just what I needed. Your all so wonderful. From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU. I will be around and will keep on trying to help. I’m not through yet by a long shot.

  14. Just when I was feeling good and satisfied with what happened I received a certified letter from the Board. The board wants to meet with me over a violation of an unapproved door. I never received any notice that there was a door change. I was given a Grant to replace my doors since the frames were out of shape due to another unit owner leveling her floor. The State Energy assistance? came and did an assessment. They asked me some questions and stated that my back door and my front door needed to be replaced. The back door would not stay closed. I called and left a message with the management company and asked for a call back concerning this door issue. No. call back. I had been on health and safety issues for a long time and heating the outside. This had to stop. So here is where the grant came in. I called the management company and stated that I was not able to replace the front door because that door was not in stock any more. I bought a door that was very,very close to the old door. Not acceptable. I then received a violation with the picture of the new door. Saturday I went and ordered the door. I am being fined for a door that I didn’t know was changed. If others had the door that was the new door I would have bought that door. This management company and Board are a great pare. One lies and the other swears to it. Anyway, on the 26th of this month I will speak to the door and nothing more. The Heppa issues the health and safe issues, the federal laws and state laws will be delt with by the state. The board ignored the “right to know act stating that they did not have to let unit owner know what they were spending. The Heppa regs were violated when the management co. worker call me 3 times the get my doctors name and phone number to speak with him about my health issues. Then stated that she was a nurse. My health and safety issues were ignored when I fell in the parking lot. To this day I still need to know where the forms are for me to fill out so I can have the problem taken care of. So….I will go to the hearing but I will not pay a fine for a door that I didn’t know was changed. Talk about robbery, this is the best I’ve heard recently . They have a case if they’re looking for money to pay bills. This is a GREAT example of 100% disclosure on all decisions and purchases made by the board. It is very important to also make sure that everyone get minutes to the meetings. I don’t know who in gods name put in the condo docs that you had to drive (in our case) to Orange, or Greenwich to read the minutes and leave. What happens to those who can not drive, walk to the mail box etc.? That needs to be changed Big time. O! anyway, bill 7031 is on track and that is a little help. We can all be thankful that at least something is being done.

  15. Does anyone know if you can can change your front door in your complex. My understanding is that if you change your door you have to change all the doors to match. I have traveled through Clinton condo complex and all the doors are the same. I’ve stopped and asked owners and received the same answer. The state does not allow a door change. I have also found out that people received notices about the door problem but me. I am livid. I asked that I get a copy of the condo docs that shows that we can change our doors. Does anyone have any info about this?

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