Ask George: Can We Get A Rebate For Elevator Outage?

Hi George

Recently we were without elevator service for several days. Our Condo bldg is three stories.

Can the residents of the second and third floors request compensation for the time without service?

This is a 55 and over building and we have several residents in wheelchairs, with walkers or with heart conditions and it makes for an dangerous or impossible situation for many.

It must have been a difficult time for most of you. You can certainly ask for a rebate, but keep in mind it is your own money you are asking for. I would check to see what the issue was and whether there was a permanent fix. Is there frequent problems with the elevator?


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  1. Linda Tardif says:

    George Gombossy,I loose my heat on a weekly basis.I wrote many emails and a man comes over to bleed the univent and they feel that is a solution.Please tell me what I can due to get a permanent solution.

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