Ask George: Can A Budget Be Passed With Only A minority Of Unit Owners Voting?

Hi George

I need some immediate help if possible.

I own and live in a 30 unit condo complex. There was an annual meeting with only 8 owners present , and an apparent vote to raise the common charges by $30. My questions are:

Can the Board itself vote on this or does  there need to be a certain % of unit owners who have to vote yes. What does stats law say about this!?

State law is very clear on this issue. To defeat a budget in all complexes – other than Heritage Village – a majority of the UNIT owners would have to vote no.

In other words if there are 100 units in a complex, 51 of the owners would have to vote no.

A special exemption was carved out for Heritage Village in Southbury where only a majority of the owners present have to vote against it, as long as at least one third of all the owners oppose the budget.


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  1. Linda says:

    Just to clarify; does this mean that as long as a quorum is present at the meeting, and the majority of them votes to pass the budget, and there have been no other no votes in any way; the budget is passed?

  2. Shirley says:

    Our Home Association By-Laws clearly state an “affirmative vote of seventy-five (75) percent of the Owners” is required to change “assessments and common charges”. Despite that both our Clerk/Treasurer and the management group he hired have increased the dues twice with votes of 4-8 people out of 26 home owners.

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