Ask George: Can Kerosense Heaters Be Banned in Ct Condos?

Hi George

We have a tenant there who uses a kerosene heater and the smell affects other units. I recall reading a comment that this form of supplementary heat was illegal in a multi-family situation in the state. The units are all electric and have no carbon monoxide detection.

The units were built in the very end of the 80’s into the 90’s.

So a second question that I would have does our master insurance have to cover negligent items such as smoke detectors not working spills from bath tubs toilets or any other water appliance if it individually owned or fires smoke damage again from individual misuse. The management has commented that even if the tenant has her own insurance the master policy would be called on. I reason this attitude ultimately leads to condos becoming almost uninsurable for companies and premiums to be untenable.

George’s response:

Boards of Associations have the power to pass bylaws forbidding the use of kerosene heaters and I suggest that your board do so.

As to your second question my suggestion would be to contact your insurance carrier and ask specifically what is and what isn’t covered.


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  1. Linda says:

    I thought the Board couldn’t change By laws without 90 something unit owner votes and an attorney to draw it up?

  2. Patricia Ayars says:

    Great Stuff, George.

    Kerosene stoves might be banned under the Fire Code. The condo board may want to call the local fire marshal. Most insurers don’t want them either.

    The Board can also require smoke detectors and CO detectors by rule. Proper procedures must be followed to adopt the rule.

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