Ask Gail: New Board Member Has Questions

Hi Gail:

I recently was elected to my condo board.   I am a member of CCOC and am excited to be attending the conference (CAI) this March at the Aqua Turf!  I know there is so much to learn and I look forward to this opportunity.

I have a question.  Is there a law(s) that govern when a board has to have a unanimous vote and when it does not?

Review [can find on line] CIOA Chapter 838 Section 47-250 B8 [address email voting/unanimous]

Also, what can I do about a board and property mgr who knowingly are violating the bylaws. Prior to being a board member and currently as a board member, I have voiced my concerns to no avail.  They (the board and the property mgr goes along with it and fights me on the issue) continue to violate the bylaw regarding motorcycles which is unfair to other unit owners who have to follow the bylaws.

 Current legislation does not enforce or regulate board actions, but there are stipulations for compliance by a community association manager.


Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Assembly convened:

Section 1. Subsection (a) of section 20-456 of the general statutes is repealed and the following is substituted in lieu thereof (Effective October 1, 2013)

Full text can be found on line.

 Complaints can also be sent to the Department of Consumer Protection. However, ensure that you have written documentation citing the issues you refer to, responses from manager, etc. as with any complaint without documented proof; little can be done.


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  1. Recently at the condo site we had FOUR attorney’s for complicated issues. I started it by joining the CCOC. Now with new board members we have our own condo site to check (like you have). I had to hire an attorney separately due to a house fire. It has been six months and I still do not have the CofO. I am going to a town sewer meeting due to being charged “A SHARE BILL” when I cannot even open the door.
    Is condo living crazy. The property was for sale and no one lived in it. I will not pay condo fees monthly.
    Please give your opinion. Since I have an attorney I will talk to him about not paying the monthly fee. I am use to living in a town like Yorktown Heights not a town in Litchfield.

  2. Pauline C. Baker says:

    I am at wits end. I had damage done to my unit. My insurance company paid for the damage to my carpeting and drapes. I called county management and they gave me a hard time. I called their insurance company and they tried on several occasions to reach them. They never called them back. Finally their insurance manager( was disgusted) and told me that I had done every thing right and set up an appointment with their claim adjuster. She arrived and CMS finally showed. She took picture of the damage and the son of the owner of CMS said ” I AM GOING TO DENY THIS CLAIM” he was very nasty and dis-respectful. The claim adjuster said that she will send all the information and pictures to CMS. I also faxed her most the damages that needed to be paid. However, Because the damages were going to be an on going problem ( because of the pointing needed on the outside of the building) Which I had reported several times over the years to CMS, i have had the walls scraped,re-plastered, waterproofed, and painted four time in the last five years. Also, the water seeped into the wall unit housing the heating and a/c for the unit. ( the building pays for the heat and this has been a major problem because of the many problems and repairs to the boilers.) The inside of the wall unit was completed rusted. The rust seized the off and on knob. So when the boilers were turned on after they were repaired The steam which is normally vented outside the building and no place to go but to several units in the building. I could not turn off the steams because the knob was rusted shut. ( I PAID $753.00 to gut and replace the entire unit ) The claim adjuster said that she send CMS a check for my claim in the amount $1,600,00. When I called CMS several times..again. THe owner didn’t talk to me. Finally Diane called and said Greg wanted a record of my expenses. I told her that I faxed all this to Kathleen, their insurance claim adjuster. That all that information was sent to them with the full claim report. I need help as I am 83, and its impossible to get anywhere with CMS company. From what I understand you have had a previous problem with them. THE OWNERS ARE TRULY BEING ABUSED BY THE BOARD ON DIRECTORS they are charging $500,00 non refundable move in fee for each owner also in additional $250.00 for anyone moving in on Saturday Sunday and Holidays. Thus totaling $750.00. Most of the owners are seniors like myself. The building took out a $650,000 10 years loan a few years ago. This was to pave the parking lot, new boilers. (which have been repair several times) carpeting,fire alarms etc. The condos fees now are an addition $80 dollars upwards of several hundred monthly. These units are now worth one third of what they were a few years ago. Many of them cant sell so that had to rent out their units. Their mortgages are now more than what these units are going for. I have lost $75,000 alone. Can CMS keep this claim check money, and out it into their so called MISC, fund which many of us are questioning. We have been asking for breakdown of the misc costs, but were told its none of our dam business. This situation has caused my blood pressure to spike upward of 200pts. Please, please help me. I joined the CCOC last week. hoping that you could do something for us a 80 Cartright st, Bridgeport, Ct. Thank you for any help you can give me.

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