CPA Joins CCOC Advisory Committee

Judy Doneiko, a retired Certified Public Accountant, has joined the Connecticut Condo Owners Coalition’s Advisory Committee.

Doneiko worked in private industry, is the past president of the Connecticut Governmental Finance Officers Association, and served as the financial officer at Connecticut municipalities. She also worked as a project manager for the Governmental Accounting Standards Board.

Doneiko joins four others who are members of the CCOC Advisory Committee: Judith Rudikoff, Atty. Jason Leiser, Atty. Patricia Ayars, and Atty. George Coppolo.


2 Responses to CPA Joins CCOC Advisory Committee

  1. Alfred G. Gerteiny, Ph.D. says:

    Embassy Towers Condominium is not yet a member of your organization, but I would be grateful if you could help me determine if a Condominium Board can raise a large assessment amount on the same year as it raised the Common Charges.
    Thanks, and Happy New Year.

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