Branford Condo Owners Still Trapped In Their Homes Three Days After Storm

2.10.13 1.07 pmHow good of a job did your condo association do in clearing the record snow from last weekend?

If you are one of the 17 families living at Lakeview Drive in Branford you are probably not thrilled.

Milam Lagella – who took the photo above – says he his family has been trapped in their home since the storm began. While the snow removal crew cleaned up a part of the parking area, most was still left covered with a couple of feet of snow Monday afternoon, Lagella said.

Lagella, 66, said many of the residents are seniors and unable to shovel their way out of the complex.

Officials from the association were unable to be contacted today.


4 Responses to Branford Condo Owners Still Trapped In Their Homes Three Days After Storm

  1. Anonlymous says:

    At Glen Oaks, Newington, CT; they are still not done. We have a company and we are the only account. Many people are losing income and now there are slips and falls occurring.

    • Resident at Glen Oaks says:

      Day 4 of the massive snow storm/blizzard and Glen Oaks is completely done. Sidewalks, main roads, parking lots, fire hydrants, mailboxes and dumpsters are completely free of snow. The crew that they have has been on-site round the clock until the job was done. There are many people in the State of CT that are still waiting to be dug out. Main roads, back roads, highways and some schools are still closed. So hush hush with your complaints Glen Oaks residents and just be thankful.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hello: It is day five not day four.

    And,we are grateful; since we have written to the media, and the town fire department regarding the issues at hand. So thank you Board and Snow Plow Company for stepping up because of social media conversation, tv and town officials.

    Are the mailboxes truly shoveled on this day five evening? It sure was not Day five in the morning…

    And, what is up with the snow plow companies unprofessionalism. We have videos and emails from the President and Snow Plow company which gave false hope and lies to the unit owners.

    This is the only account the snow plow company has.

    So, NO NO hush hush here; it is — Unit owners will continue to Roar Roar — we have that right! as you have your view. Ahhhh, the perspectives of it all!!!

    And, frankly with the State of CT coming down on CL&P with the October Storm. I think they need to look at themselves with this storm. Is anyone going to be reimbursed for lost wages? I think not!

  3. Anonymous says:

    4.5 days trapped in oakwood condos.

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