Condo Complex Mandating Doggie DNA Testing To Catch Owners Who Don’t Clean Up

Fed up with dog owners who are too lazy to pick up their dogs’ droppings, an upscale Orlando condo complex is requiring all owners to provide DNA samples to the association.horatio-sunglasses-csi-miami-3-cropped
According to the Orlando Sentinel The Vue will start matching feces left on the designated pet park against the samples and will fine the guilty parties.
“There are always pet owners in the high-rises that do not clean up after their pets,” Cristian Michaels, who oversees sales and marketing for the Vue, told the Sentinel. “The only way to handle this is usually to do DNA testing and then fining owners $100 per offense. Renters with multiple violations can be evicted by the association after multiple offenses.”

The Sentinel said The Vue is one of scores of condos and apartment complex in 33 states that “have contracted with PooPrints, a division of BioPet Vet Lab, Knoxville, Tenn.”


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