CCOC Meeting With State Officials To Discuss Connecticut Condo Owners’ Issues

Thank you to all who took the time to respond to our November 6 article regarding many of the issues of concerns to you.

It has been a busy time for the CCOC Executive Committee and Advisory Board members. We have met with representatives in our state government to discuss the issues facing condominium unit owners. We will be meeting again at the beginning of the New Year to continue efforts on your behalf.

We have been met with courtesy and understanding of the issues presented and found many legislators are well educated about the problems facing common interest communities.

We continue to be in contact with Kim McClain, Executive Director of CAI and Attorney Scott Sandler, Chair of CAI’s Legal Action Committee. We will be meeting with both after the start of the New Year. CAI’s 16th Annual Conference and Expo will be held March 9, 2013 at the Aqua Turf. As we draw closer to the date go to for more information.

On behalf of CCOC we wish you the best of everything this HOLIDAY SEASON and throughout the coming year.

We also ask that everyone remember the families in Newtown and the devastation they are dealing with at this time and the anguish that will be with so many in the months ahead. Our thoughts and prayers are with all residents of Newtown.


4 Responses to CCOC Meeting With State Officials To Discuss Connecticut Condo Owners’ Issues

  1. Lynn Ferrara says:

    We had a productive meeting in New Milford due to the information we have received from the Attorney General George Jepsen. We voted in four additional board members that are glad that I have received the information. Way to Go. Good Luck. Happy Holidays.

  2. Bruce Brown says:

    I hope you are asking why we, the unit owners because of State law cannot know the salaries of the people employed by our Condo Association. The money paid to them is taken out of our common charges and in essence we are paying their salaries, and cannot know if the payments and benefits are reasonable for both workers and owners. The control of the salary and benefits are controlled by a few people and it’s always possible that special deals may take place that are not within the desires and benefit to the unit owners, and are not told to the owners. Where is the protection for the unit owners who are the employers and salary payers? I thank you for the time to voice my opinion and ask questions!

    • Fellow Condo Owner says:

      I was disappointed the article made no mention of which who from CCOC met with state officials, and which state legislators and officials CCOC met with.

      There was also no mention of ideas CCOC floated in their meeting with state representatives or a list of the suggested (I presume many) that unit owners feel CCOC should pursue.

      Is the governance of CCOC open to any unit owner? I don’t see any reference to CCOC member involvement on committees or member interaction.

      Seems to me CCOC leadership should reach out to the membership more for matters other than news stories.

  3. Ronald Conti says:

    Dear Sir, I urge you to support HB5511 with the 1/3 opposition requirement. I don’t believe that people who do not take the time to fill out a ballot should have the ability to pass a budget. What sense does it make that in 2011 the unit owners who voted cast 67% of the votes cast and yet the budget passed even though 565 unit owners voted for it and 1153 voted against. I think a requirement that calls fora minimum of 860 unit owners to vote against a budget eliminates the notion that a small minority will hold the budget process captive. We need you help in this. Can you imagine if all elections we conducted this way. Having a rigged vote is worst than having no vote at all. Ron Conti

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