West Haven Condo Property Manager’s Attempt To Replace The Board Of Directors Fails

In one of the more unusual legal maneuvers, a West Haven property manager attempted to set up a condo owners’ meeting in a last ditch effort to save its contract with the Mallard Brook Owners Association.

Despite the fact that only board of directors have a right to call association meetings in Connecticut, Fischer Realtors, the management company, asked the 158 unit owners to attend a meeting tonight where it had hoped to discuss its contract, which board members have decided to cancel at the end of this year. There are allegations that the management company had hoped to vote in its own board at the meeting.

The attempt failed quickly as a lawyer for the condo association last night got an injunction from a Superior Court judge blocking the meeting.

“We did it hastily,” Robert Fischer conceded today in a telephone interview.

“There is a long story,” he said, declining to go into details, other than to say that his firm had been the property manager for four years and believed that he had done a good job.

Fischer said there was no meeting scheduled by the board for the rest of the year so he wanted to have an opportunity to address the association.

“My intention was to put it in front of the unit owners,” he said.

But according to a legal action brought by William Gallagher, New Haven attorney for the association, Fischer had a lot more planned.

“The attempt by defendant Fischer Realtors, Inc. to usurp the authority of Mallard Brook Condominium Association’s board, and insert its own board, is without legal basis and is nothing more than a power grab to retain its role as managing agent of the condominium association,” says the suit.

The Dec. 3 notice “purporting to be a notice of annual meeting” included electing members to the board and the selection of a president.

The suit seeks compensatory damages as well as legal costs.


10 Responses to West Haven Condo Property Manager’s Attempt To Replace The Board Of Directors Fails

  1. Tanya says:

    I doubt if Fischer Realtors are doing a good job. Fischer Realtors also manages the Laurels Condominiums in Hamden. The property is poorly managed. The property is going down hill, multiple roof leaks, the fences is falling apart, and other problems. When you call the emergency line, no one responds. They are HORRIBLE!

  2. margaret says:

    just let the board take my condo for unpaid fes $2,000 worth. i have fought for years and i’m just tired of oing it alone.

    • Condo owner says:

      It’s losers like you who dont pay their condo fees that stuff doesnt get done around the complex. So figure this out, if no one paid their fees how would the grass get cut, who would pick up the garbage, your probably one of the people who just leaves it on the ground any way. Who would do the maint. around the place. You owe 2000. Which means you havet paid them in over a year, I hope with this new management agency and board we go after people like you and close on your condo and get the fees that the rest of us are paying to carry people like you. The shouldnt even do any repairs or even cut the grass or anything near your condo. Its people like you that get forclosed on then the condos are sold to investors who then turn around and rent them to trash who dont care about the place they live in. So how about breaking the cycle and start paying what you owe and stop freeloading on the services that are provided to the honest and hardworking people there who care about their property and pay their fees.

      • Jane says:

        All residents should withhold their fees until these management companies and their boards serve the needs of those who live in the communities. Many management companies are a joke and the board members often create more trouble than they solve. We have Prime Properties and they are ridiculous. We don’t even get an email address, we have to put everything in writing and send it snail mail or fax it – which leaves out those who have various disabilities and/or can’t get to a fax machine. They don’t listen to people and they’re rude and threatening.

  3. Joel says:

    Word on the street is that Orange Landing is firing Fischer as well…

  4. Lynne says:

    Robert Fischer is a horrible property manager. I’m really surprised he has any accounts left. His business really went down hill ever since his property manager AnnMarie left a few years back. . I really think the state should investigate his practices and take his license away.

    • Tanya says:

      That is so true, Ann Marie was a blessing compared to Mr. Fischer. She returned phone calls and communicated with you. Mr. Fischer ignores you. He was a no show to our annual meeting last week.

  5. University Commons Association says:

    Fischer used to manage University Commons Association in New Haven back in 2009. He put in his own Board and bankrupted our Association. We put in a complaint with the State of CT. We wish we had used legal action…

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