Trump Sued For $6 Million For Mold In Trump Tower Condo Unit

High-rolling businessman and professional poker player Vadim Trincher has filed a $6 million suit against Trump Tower after having had mold issues since their upstairs neighbors started rehabbing their duplex.

“According to papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court on Friday, Trincher and his wife, Elena , are seeking $6 million for mildew-related damages to their lavish 63rd-floor Trump Tower condo at 721 Fifth Ave. They claim those damages stem from the gut rehab of an upstairs duplex that was once owned by Bruce Willis and Demi Moore ,” according to the Daily News.

“Trincher’s lawyer, Alexander Shapiro , says the trouble began last Oct. 17, when his clients’ maid went to clean a closet in the guest room and discovered 3 inches of water and lots of mold. Shapiro said experts later told them that even though there was no smell, the mold had been growing for weeks. They estimated the leak started a month earlier as the result of a broken valve in a duplex bathroom on the 64th floor. The leak was severe enough that the contractor who was working upstairs reported a problem to building managers on Oct. 14, according to court papers.”


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