Cats On Leashes? Yep Connecticut Boards Can Force Condo Owners To Leash Cats Outdoors

Just because a condo rule hasn’t been enforced, it doesn’t mean it can’t be enforced anytime the board feels it wants to enforce it.

In the case of a 42-unit condo complex in Eastern Connecticut, no one bothered with trying to control indoor-outdoor cats until recently.

But a recently elected president decided to enforce the rules and started handing out $25 fines to those who allowed their cats to roam common areas.

One of the people fined is a former board member who asked whether she could legally challenge the $25 fine she received for letting her cat loose on the condo grounds.

I asked her what her condo bylaws had to say. This was the response:

“No animals, birds or reptiles or any kind shall be raised, bred or kept in any Unit or in the common areas, except that a dog or cat or other household pet, approved by the Board of Directors, may be kept in Units, provided that they are not kept, bred or maintained for any commercial purposes; and provided further that any such pet causing or creating a nuisance or unreasonable disturbance or noise shall be permanently removed from the property subject to these restrictions upon three (3) days’ written notice from the Board of Directors.Ā  In no event shall any pet be permitted in any portion of the common areas unless carried or on a leash, or be curbed or tethered in any of the common areas.”

I told her the rules were specific and the board had a right to enforce them as long as they enforced them on everyone equally.

I told her to pay the $25 fine and if she disagreed with the board then she should organize to vote them out.

She said the board had never been asked to approve a pet in the 20 years she had been an owner. Well, if the board decides that it now will require all future pets to be approved before they could be brought to the property, it probably could.

The question would be if the board attempted to outlaw pets that had not been approved in the past.


4 Responses to Cats On Leashes? Yep Connecticut Boards Can Force Condo Owners To Leash Cats Outdoors

  1. Meagan Holveck says:

    I think It’s a great idea to have you put your pet on a leash or in a carrier, as a Veterinary Technician I’ve seen way to many cats and dogs injured because their owner didn’t have them controlled. For example, you have a friendly dog who likes to approach other dogs, let’s call him ‘Fido’. There are other dogs around who aren’t on leashes, what happens when Fido comes up to another dog who happens to be aggressive? In the best case scenario the owner of the other dog will notice before Fido comes closer, stopping a conflict. Worst case scenario both dogs and any one trying to separate them will be badly injured. I know, It seems a little extreme, but you would be surprised how many people allow aggressive pets out with out a leash. There’s many reasons why you should always have control of your pet; they can be injured by moving vehicles, wild animals, run away and become lost. Quite honestly, paying $25 is a lot less then any vet bill. Please for the sake of your pets, if you are going to take them outside or anywhere there might be other animals have them under control and up to date on vaccines!

  2. Sandi Martinik says:

    Remember the old days when dogs could roam…Folks, the old days have ended along time ago. It appears to be not Purrrfect šŸ™ Watch out Pussycat? Woah, Woah…

    My cats are indoors; and I do have a neighbor or two that do have their cats on leashes and it appears the cats are happy; however, if I had a vote. No leash to cats. Yes, there is Lions, Tigers and Bears OH MY out there to kill a cat; as a hawk or fox killing a squirrel or rabbit.

    What the issue is with cats is that they do their business in Marge’s garden or dig up that playground’s sandbox with their business.

    Plus, cats love to find that sun; which may be your stoop.

    Poor kitty, kitty : (

  3. sans says:

    All cats and dogs should be required to be contained by leash and not to roam free.
    If you have a pet dog or cat it is your responsibility to clean up after their mess. We have several cats who wander freely, defacate, spray, fight with other free roaming cats and kill birds. We don’t allow dogs to roam free, how is a cat any different in that respect?

  4. Christine says:

    How do they know its your cat? what if 2 cats look similar? for example 2 white cats, what if someone else gets blamed?

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