20 Cats In one-bedroom Condo Unit Results In Suit From Upstairs Condo Owner

In one of the more unusual legal actions, a couple in a Lakeview condo complex in Illinois sued their condo aossciation, board members, and property managers because they failed to stop the condo owner below them from having 20 cats that have caused urine and feces smells to permeate their home.
In a story by Bridget Doyle, a Chicago Tribune reporter, wrote:

“Johanna Torres and Matthew Greenberg, of Chicago, are suing their neighbor Rosanna Ioppolo over her cats. They are also suing the Commodore Green Brier Landmark Condominium Association, board members and others, claiming that they allowed Ioppolo to house about 20 cats in her one-bedroom unit.”

“According to the lawsuit, Torres and Greenberg complained to all of those named in the lawsuit of the cat smells seeping into their apartment. None of the parties the couple complained to took action on the matter, which the lawsuit says is a violation of the association’s bylaws and homeowner handbook.”

So what does your neighbor do that annoy you and what have you or could do about it?


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