West Hartford Hampshire House Meeting Notice: A Model Of Transparency

As an owner of a one-bedroom condo in West Hartford Center which I rent out to a wonderful tenant, I can sleep well at night knowing that the Hampshire House Board of Directors is fairly transparent.

This is the reminder I received today by email on tonight’s meeting. How does your complex stack up compared to the reminder that board member Jason Leiser sent today? Our goal is to not only shine light on poorly managed condos but to give examples of complexes where people try real hard to do the right thing.

gombossy photo

A reminder to all that the Hampshire House Board Meeting is tonight at 7 pm.  Items on the agenda tonight include:

– Progress on restated bylaws / declaration and new election procedures using mail-in ballot

– Board finalization of budget to be presented for unit owner approval

– Update on hiring of new maintenance worker

– Discussion regarding replacement of tv / vcr combo in exercise room with a modern flat screen and dvd (est. cost $700)

– Discussion re. exterior window cleaning

I encourage all to attend and welcome any comments or input on these or other items of interest or concern.

Best wishes,

Jason .


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  1. Lisa Claire says:

    I am extremely upset that my Mom is cold tonight because you shut the heat off. If you do not provide her with heat, I am driving down and will handle this in person.
    She has called with a request. I will be speaking with her in the morning.
    I hope to God, she is not still cold.

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