Manatee County Condo Owners Launch PR Campaign To Force Builder To Deal With Their Moldy Homes

A group of 40 condo homeowners have banded together in the hopes that they could pressure KB Home to repair or buy their mold-ridden homes in Manatee County, Florida.

The residents purchased their homes about six years ago and blame national home builder KB Home for their mold problems.

According to residents their sales contract has language that prevents them from suing the builder.

“More than 40 residents of Willowbrook sent nearly 2 thousand letters addressed to the CEO and board of members of KB Home as well as local, state and national officials; including President Obama and Joe Biden,” writes Kimberly Kuizon for the local ABC TV station. “Many, like Nicole Camann, want KB to buy back their homes and pay for moving expenses.”

“There were problems in the community. Pre-existing problems and they never told us about them. . That is a cover up,” she said.

“KB Home is committed to customer satisfaction and has been working diligently to resolve the issues. The Willowbrook Association recently presented KB Home with a claim on behalf of its members and we have worked with the association to inspect their concerns and look forward to fully and fairly resolving the homeowners’ concerns,” the firm told the station.

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