For A Middletown Condo Owner, One Phone Call From CCOC Solved Her Problem

I wish the complaints we get are always so easy to solve. One phone call I made resulted in a win for all.

Lynn Jones of Cedar Ridge Condos in Middletown, CT could not get anyone to listen to her. She made phone calls, sent emails, and remained frustrated.

View of the back yard at a Cedar Ridge unit

Lynn’s concern was quite simple – she recently purchased new windows for her condominium unit. Yet one nearby tree was so close that several branches were starting to push through her window screen.

Lynn had contacted her association’s board of directors as well as her property management company, Imagineers – out of Hartford, looking for some fast action. She felt that her calls for help were falling on deaf ears as the offending tree continued its quest to tear through her window screen, and no one was doing anything about it.

It was at this time Lynn contacted The Connecticut Condo Owners Coalition and spoke with me about the situation.

As part of CCOC’s mission to resolve problems through amicable approaches, I knew a senior manager at Imagineers, Karl Kuegler, and decided to make a simple phone call.

Karl is always a pleasure to speak with, and he was in this case. He said that he would speak with the direct property manager for Cedar Ridge about the issue.

Two days later, I received an elated phone call from Lynn. The tree had been trimmed back and was no longer threatening to damage her windows.

“CCOC gave me the guidance and tools that I needed to resolve a problem with the property management company that I was unable to resolve myself!” said Lynn of the support of the CCOC.

We want to work with people, companies, and agencies to help make condo living truly enjoyable. Our goal is to create win/win situations for all involved – and in this case Karl Kuegler’s attention to detail shines well upon this seasoned property management company.

It would be nice if we could solve all the complaints condo owners have in this fashion. But I can tell you that based on some of the investigations we are involved in, hardball is the name of the game for many others we are trying to help.

In the meantime, Lynn remains very happy with CCOC’s assistance and has since volunteered her own time to help with some of CCOC’s several projects.

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